How we work

Thriving individuals acting according to their deepest purpose

Forming healthy relationships of mutual support and empowerment

From which arise groups, guilds and councils of shared purpose

Which weave together into coherent collectives, able to sense and act with integrity

In service of the beings of our bioregion, so that they may thrive and act according to their deepest purpose


We humbly invite you to join us in support of the next evolution of life on earth, to step into what we call the Age of Integration, to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet and bring about a world where...

All beings are thriving, in holistic harmony with each other and the planet.

Humanity must make this next evolutionary leap, understanding and honoring our interdependence and redesigning our culture around it, or else we will die. Fortunately, we believe that our global community is fully capable of making this transition to a healthy planetary organism.

Our mission as the Terran Collective is to implement and embody this vision right now and right here, starting in the Bay Area, by gathering those who are ready, to form a coherent, cooperative bioregional collective intelligence.

A gathering of regenerative allies to map and activate synergies to do the work together to regenerate ourselves and the world around us

OCTOBER 4-7: Join us in bringing the bioregion together