Terran Collective

A community of care and practice building systems and tools for a regenerative future

We are technologists, organizers, entrepreneurs, land stewards, and artists.
Our shared purpose is to amplify cooperation among people regenerating our communities and our planet, starting in the California Bay Area bioregion.

Erysimum franciscanum
Erysimum franciscanum

What is Terran?

Terran Collective is
a living system

Terran Collective is a community of friends working toward the vision of all beings thriving.

As a community of care, we practice mutual support and encourage each other on our paths of personal growth. As a community of practice, we collaborate to share our gifts with the world. As a commons, we collectively steward and share resources.

Terran is a living system. We embrace our interdependence with the web of life, and believe that there is abundance for all on this beautiful Spaceship Earth. To get there, we must re-design and remember how humans can live in reciprocity with each other and the planet: learning from the more-than-human world, listening to our ancestors, and rediscovering a culture of stewardship in which all can participate in caring for our world.

Collinsia heterophylla

What We Do

Our scopes of practice

  • Community weavingStrong communities are resilient amidst rapid change. Terran builds community by hosting regular gatherings, as well as weaving connections between aligned people and organizations. All to create deeper relationships based on trust.
  • Technology for thrivingWe build tools to coordinate at scale. Software in service to life supports trust, relationship, collective sensemaking, decision making, and action. We're building this platform for the regenerative future on Hylo.
  • Bioregional coordinationRegeneration happens in the soil, not on the internet, and focusing on the bioregional scale unlocks a unique and untapped coordination space.
  • Regenerating the commonsOur land, our resources, and our communities are a commons. Nurturing this worldview, and the competencies to collectively govern the commons, is the core of our theory of change. We design, experiment with, and participate in decentralized governance with various ecosystems.
  • Systems of solidarityWe experiment with sharing resources, such as through our income-sharing prototype, Financial Solidarity.
  • Storytelling for cultural evolutionStories have the power to shift cultural narratives. We create inspiring media and events to nurture a movement around a new shared purpose for human civilization -- creating a world that works for all.
Collinsia heterophylla

Deepening in our life-place

Our bioregion is where we practice and experiment

A bioregion is a geographic and cultural area defined by the emergent membranes expressed by nature. This is the scale at which we work; building systems and tools that are grounded in place. The economic, ecological, and social landscapes that we seek to improve are those of the land we inhabit, the San Francisco Bay Area bioregion.

We are identifying the variables and components of a thriving bioregion, and using what we learn to build tools that enable collective sensemaking for bioregions everywhere. By sharing our findings, we hope to activate bioregions around the globe, create a coherent network of place-based collaborators, and actualize a thriving biosphere.

Sylvagus bachmani
Sylvagus bachmani
Photos from Cospiracy
Photos from Cospiracy


Our Community

Rebuilding community is essential to everything we believe and do. In community, we truly experience our interdependence, solidarity, and the agency to choose the world we want to live in. We are committed to the work of weaving together our Bay Area regenerative communities, deepening trust, building bridges, healing relationships, and creating a strong, resilient network.

Our Terran community here in the Bay Area is growing every day. We are always looking for more allies! Please join the conversation and subscribe to our calendar of events. While we are currently focused on building community locally in the Bay Area, we want to connect with and learn from allies across the globe, and as we discover new systems, tools, and practices, we will share them with the world.

How are we resourced?

Terran Watershed

The Watershed is our commons, channeling the flow of resources throughout our ecosystem, and supporting Terran’s nonprofit activities such as community building and providing free coordination tools.

Zalophus californianus
Zalophus californianus