Terran Collective


Collaboration and coordination work better in community

Community is at the heart of what we are building. In order to bring about new systems for cooperation and coordination, we need new ways of being in relationship. We see community and relationships as the place to experiment with these new ways of being.

You are invited to join our community, to participate in our gatherings and to collaborate in realizing a vision of a better world.

Charadrius vociferus
Charadrius vociferus

Join the conversation

If you’d like to chat with us, please join us on Facebook and say hello. Join our email list for more in depth updates.

Aquilegia formosa
  • Gather in person

    We meet monthly in person in the Bay Area. The components of our gatherings are:

    • Time to gather around a theme
    • Time to share needs & offers
    • Time to share food and connect

    Our gatherings are open to all. We ask you to come with an open heart and sharp mind.

    If you are working towards a more beautiful world, we invite you to join us. We have prepared a seat for you at our table.

  • On the internet

    Our monthly video call is a place for the members of the bioregion to come together and share resources. During our 1-1.5hr calls, we will:

    • Participants share about their work
    • Break out into groups to focus on emergent opportunities and areas of interest.
    • Discuss a topic or theme

    All are invited, structure will change according to how many people attend.

Canis latrans
Canis latrans

Bioregional Allies


The following is an incomplete list of organizations we see working on, experimenting with or practicing regeneration in the San Francisco Bay Area bioregion. If you are engaged in this work and not on this list, we would love to connect and understand how to amplify your work.

Hygrocybe coccinea
Hygrocybe coccinea


Land-based communities and farms

Here are a number of communities we know about practicing regeneration in big ways and small. If you have a land-based community practicing regeneration in the Bay Area, reach out to us: We want to meet you and support your work.