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Books, sources of information and teachers that have helped shape our understanding of the world

Peers & Allies

Communities of practice we see working on similar issues

  • Tamera

    Tamera is a peace research village with the goal of becoming "a self-sufficient, sustainable and duplicable communitarian model for nonviolent cooperation and cohabitation between humans, animals, nature, and Creation for a future of peace for all." It is also often called a "healing biotope".

  • Commonweal

    Today, Commonweal works in three core fields—health and healing, art and education, and environment and justice.

  • Canticle Farms

    Canticle Farm is an urban farm and educational center, an intentional community, and an experiment in faith-based activism, nonviolence, and restorative justice.

  • Mondragon Corporation

    The Mondragon Corporation is a corporation and federation of worker cooperatives based in the Basque region of Spain.

  • Guerilla Translation (DISCO.coop)

    Guerrilla Translation is a communications collective building an knowledge commons while also providing livelihoods for activist translators, using open value accounting and feminist economic principles. Activists can seldom afford to be activists.

  • Enspiral

    Enspiral is a network of groups and people, a DIY collective of social enterprises, ventures, and individuals working collaboratively across the world while fulfilling their purpose. ... From software to design to facilitation to organisational strategy and impact driven business, we have people that help you.

  • Burning Man

    Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression, radical self-reliance and occurs within a decommodified, market-free context.

  • Aethos

    A creative guild for the new renaissance.

  • Friends and Lovers

    A community based in the northeast of the United States centered around long-term friendship.

  • Amah Mutsun Land Trust

    From archaeological and fire research to educational gardens, the Amah Mutsun Land Trust is bringing indigenous stewardship back to the lands of the Amah Mutsun.

  • The Sogorea Te Land Trust

    The Sogorea Te Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship.

  • Cultural Evolution Center

    The Center for Applied Cultural Evolution was created to help communities guide their own social change efforts using integrated social science tools and frameworks.

  • DAOstack

    DAOstack is designed to catalyze the future of collaboration. It's a platform for decentralized governance that enables collectives to self-organize around shared goals or values, easily and efficiently. DAOstack is sometimes called an operating system for collective intelligence, or a Wordpress for DAOs

  • Game B

    A community gathering around a better future referred to as Game B

  • Digital Life Collective

    The Digital Life Collective researches, develops, funds and supports Tech We Trust: technologies that prioritize our autonomy, privacy and dignity. Our tech, not their tech.

  • Earth Nation

    The Earth Nation is an International Society of positive change organizations and people that are dedicated to finding, developing, and implementing solutions for every major challenge the human race deals with today.

  • Esalen

    The Esalen Institute, commonly called Esalen, is a non-profit American retreat center and intentional community in Big Sur, California, which focuses on humanistic alternative education. The Institute played a key role in the Human Potential Movement beginning in the 1960s.

  • Impact Hub

    Impact Hub is a community centre headquartered in Vienna Austria that acts as the parent body of the global network of hubs which aim to foster entrepreneurship, idea incubation, business development and offers co-working spaces.

  • International Bateson Institute

    The International Bateson Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization focused on exploring possible solutions to some of our most pressing problems through approaches to research that are consistent with the nature of complex systems.

  • Ouishare

    Ouishare is an international network of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Next to Connectors (Ouishare's core and highly active members), our members demonstrate a wide range of skills that range from design, project management, research, and organizational communication.

  • Regen Network

    Regen Network is a global marketplace and contracting platform for Earth's ecosystem assets, services, and data.

  • Transformation Agency

    On a mission to empower today’s leaders with tomorrow’s social technologies, and organizational infrastructures, to accelerate a positive paradigm shift worldwide.

  • Tribalize

    Think of TRIBALIZE as a thriving membership community offering regularly scheduled events, services and products intended to advance the sector’s possibilities and help its participants thrive.

  • Odyssey

    ODYSSEY is a co-creative visionary incubator for the new companies, brands, infrastructure, identities and narratives that we require as support in our desired evolution.

Reading list

This is an incomplete list of some of the books we’ve read that are important to our work. If you know of books that we should read in order to do our best work, please send your recommendations to [email protected]

A Finer Future by Hunter Lovins
Becoming Animal by David Abram
Emergent Strategy by adrienne marie brown
Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse
Governing the Commons by Elinor Ostrom
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux
Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein
The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk
The Practice of the Wild by Gary Snyder
The Tao of Democracy by Tom Atlee


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